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At Revolution Moving in Colorado Springs, we know how much your piano means to you and your family. These works of high craftsmanship have a high monetary value as well as being a key part of your family memories. We move these musical instruments with the care and respect they deserve.

We decided early on to specialize in the difficult areas that other local movers just wouldn’t do or even try. We have slowly become expert piano movers who know exactly how to move a piano without damage or undo stress.

We have a different techniques for moving spinet pianos, upright pianos, and baby grand pianos.

Moving a Spinet Piano

For moving relatively light spinet pianos, we use a two mover and shoulder dolly setup. We’ve used this successfully for small organs and the like as well. First, we prep the piano. The music holder is best if it is removed, as it is light and delicate. We remove the piano legs, those usually just screw off in a clockwise direction. Two movers strap up and pass the shoulder dolly strap underneath the main part of the back between the front and back wheels. The main weight of a small spinet piano is located not in the middle but farther in the back, where the harp lies. This setup always the team to descend stair with little difficulty.

Moving an Upright Piano

Moving an upright piano is slightly more difficult because of the weight. We use a two man team on each side for a total of four movers for this technique.

Moving a baby grand piano.

For moving a baby grand piano, we remove the lid and wrap that in furniture blankets. We then remove the pedals that are hanging underneath. Then we remove one leg, the front left, and gently lower that side onto our piano board. Then we tilt the piano up on its side and remove the other legs. The piano is wrapped in furniture pads, and we use stract movers wrap to gently hold those blankets tight to the piano. After the piano is padded, we use extra padding where the straps will lie across the hump and strap it tightly to the piano board. At this point the grand piano is ready to move. 4 to 6 strong movers can then lift the piano with the handles connected to the piano board.

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Quick and Easy Scheduling – We can move your piano with the rest of your household goods and we also specialize in full house moving.

Professional and Stress Free Solution– We have actually been providing solutions to tough moving situations in Colorado Springs for over 7 years and we began to specialize in piano moving for the last 3.  Our piano movers are experienced and professional. We background check we do not hire day labor movers or Comcor labor.

Inexpensive Prices– We supply you with a truthful quote of just how much it would certainly cost to move your piano. When it comes to relocating delicate tools or items such as pianos, we know that many other moving companies tend to have great print fees. We don’t have no little concealed charges neither do we ask for any extra gas charges. We provide top quality piano relocating solution without you should buy any kind of additional insurance coverage or materials for the move.

Family owned and operated – We have actually been in the Colorado Springs area as a family for over  15 years. Andi and Mark started the business and continue to operate it.

Insured and Bonded – All of our professional moving services are insured and bonded so that your belongings are covered no matter what. We understand that a piano is really important to you and we sure we use our tested, successful techniques to make sure Damage is never an issue.

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